Challenge for the 21st Century Automotive Manufacturer: Should you invest in cutting costs or increasing flexibility?

This webinar explores how assembly lines are coping with the pressures of increasing levels of complexity while needing to reduce costs, and whether lean manufacturing is actually a hindrance or a help. This webinar is now available to view on demand.

View the Ubisense webinar about the challenges faced by Automotive Manufacturers

During this webinar our panel of experts in automotive assembly lines discuss the following issues:

  • Why do manufacturers spend so much money refitting assembly lines for new models?
  • Is lean thinking the problem? 
  • Is there a new assembly paradigm that doesn’t have these problems?
  • How is the industry responding to this problem, what models are being adopted?
  • And where does Industry 4.0 fit into all of this?   

To find out the answers to these, and many other questions, view our webinar to hear views from the expert panel, including Adrian Jennings, VP RTLS Technology at Ubisense and Monika Minarcin, Industry Manager Automotive and Semiconductor at Omron.



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