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Our solutions are based on powerful enterprise platforms, supported by a range of customer-led applications, that use location to help our customers create a real-time digital twin of their physical operations, proven to drive quality, increase productivity, manage complexity and reduce costs. 

Ubisense helps its customers to create a digital twin of its customer's physical environments

myWorld transforms the ability of infrastructure companies to manage their geographically dispersed assets by creating a single architecture for geospatial-based applications.

More than 30,000 professionals from some of the largest cable, telco, electric and gas providers in the world use myWorld every day to accelerate their business.

Sensor systems

Ubisense has developed two UWB sensor systems that offer unique capabilities across a range of industries including automotive and aerospace manufacturing, logistics, public transport and many more.

  • Ubisense Dimension4 (D4) is a best-in-class precision real-time location system. It consists of hardware, firmware and server-based software components that together have helped D4 become the most widely deployed, high accuracy and production-proven location system in the world.
  • Ubisense AngleID is a next generation RFID solution that measures RF angles to detect tags entering and exiting user defined zones. Simple to set up, it can be deployed in under 10 minutes in industrial environments. Flexible configuration provides up to 8 different zones which can provide precise real-time knowledge of tag location. 



Delivering new levels of visibility and control, SmartSpace provides a foundation platform for manufacturers’ Industry 4.0 and transit management strategies. Enabling customers to create a real-time digital twin of the production environment, Ubisense’s technology connects activities to manufacturing execution and planning systems, making real-world processes involving moving assets visible and measurable.


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