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Product overview

SmartSpace continuously monitors the movement of tools and equipment throughout the production process, revealing real-world movements, utilisation and detecting non-compliant use. This real-time view of utilisation enables operations teams to improve productivity by ensuring tools and equipment are optimally distributed and used, non-conformant tools are quarantined and inventory levels are optimised.

Tooling Management aims to solve challenges including:

  • Wasted time searching for roaming tools and equipment
  • Incorrect staging of tools and equipment in each production work zone
  • Uncoordinated use of shared tools and equipment across multiple work zones
  • Tools and equipment not returned to approved storage locations as scheduled
  • Inability to tie maintenance and calibration schedules to real-world utilisation

Overlay a real-time digital twin plugged into actual production flow using software-defined work zones:

  • Real-time location of all tools and equipment
  • Automatic detection of incorrect or unauthorised tools and equipment in a work zone
  • Automatic detection of tools roaming outside of their allocated work zones
  • Real-time alerts for tools and equipment that haven’t returned to stores on time
  • Tie tool calibration and maintenance schedules to real-world utilisation

Business values:

  • Reduction in search-time waste
  • Reduced capital investment in tooling and equipment through better utilisation
  • Increased productivity through better coordination of tools and equipment
  • Reduced operational cost through more efficient calibration and preventative maintenance

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