SmartSpace Inbound Logistics Monitor

SmartSpace Inbound Logistics Monitor
Inbound Logistics Monitor
Product overview

SmartSpace monitors the location of WIP in the yard, where high volumes of finished and unfinished product are widely dispersed around site, awaiting the next phase in their production lifecycle. Operations teams can now instantly find individual or groups of products, increasing productivity by eliminating search waste.

SmartSpace Inbound Logistics Monitor monitors the flow of trailers and containers in the year and detects deviations from schedule, creating a real-time view of status and alerts. It enables operations teams to proactively maintain JIT ands JIS parts flow into the plant and from dock-to-point of consumption.

Inbound Logistics Monitor helps to avoid disruption of docking schedule.

Customer challenges Inbound Logistics Monitor delivers
  • Wasted time searching for containers
  • Providing real-time location of containers and trailers
  • Incorrect container pickup
  • Aligning container movements with the docking schedule

  • Late container docking

  • Detecting unloading overruns

  • Incorrect docking location

  • Rerouting containers to unblocked doors

  • Unloading overruns

  • Automatic update of docking schedule based on actual real-time availability

  • Unavailability of planned dock

  • Aligning logistics and materials handling teams with revised docking schedules

  • Assembly and line-stoppage delays 



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What our clients say

Aldric Pavec, Claas Production Manager, said: “As a leading tractor manufacturer throughout Europe, Claas offers an extremely wide choice of vehicle models in order to meet the needs of modern agriculture. By adding Ubisense technology to the facility at Le Mans, we will be able to best cope with product complexity while reducing waste.”

"Ubisense has been a great partner and we're very happy with the support that they’ve given us".

“South East Asia or ASEAN has huge potential as a big growing market and also as a competitive and reliable manufacturing base. This area, in particular Thailand as the leading country in the region, has signs of needing something innovative to stimulate to dramatically heighten their production and logistics capabilities. I believe that Ubisense RTLS will satisfy such requirements due to its unique and distinctive technology.”

Ryoichi Sasaki, founder of Logiprotech and ex President of Toyota Motor Thailand and President of Toyota Motor Asia-Pacific

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