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Product overview

SmartSpace brings multiple different assembly and MRO verification processes together in a reliable, digital build record for complex products and assemblies. With both real-time and digital-ledger capabilities integrated into one platform, operations teams can rely on SmartSpace to immediately identify non-conforming tool, equipment or parts use within their assembly process, while quality and compliance teams gain a digital build record that is unmatched in both detail and reliability.


SmartSpace Compliance Monitor helps to solve a range of challenges relating to the cost of compliance and audit, including: 

  • Incorrect parts or subassemblies being fitted
  • Complex and time-consuming paper-based build and attestation records
  • Using out-of-calibration tools
  • Cost of tooling calibration
  • Cost of supporting certification and compliance audits

The SmartSpace solution:

  • Location-aware identification and verification of parts fitment to any assembly
  • Automatic documentation of tools used and materials consumed during the execution of a work package
  • Context-aware work instructions and automatic task verification for operators implementing specific work-packages
  • Automatic detection of non-conforming tools or equipment in active workstations or prohibited zones
  • Measuring actual tool usage on the shop floor to more effectively align calibration schedules
  • Automated electronic attestation and build records

Business values:

  • Increased traceability of part lifecycle, using less paper and less time
  • Fewer non-conformities through increased visibility and control of the build process
  • Increased labour productivity through more automation and less manual intervention
  • Decreased cost of tooling management and calibration
  • More reliable, lower cost compliance and certification

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