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Product overview

SmartSpace monitors the location of tools and equipment throughout multiple production sites, where build and test processes are widely dispersed. Operations teams can now instantly find required resources, increasing productivity and decreasing order-to-delivery times by eliminating search waste.

Asset Monitor helps avoid delays due to misplacement of tools, equipment and jigs. This includes:

  • Wasted time searching for production assets

  • Incorrect staging of tools and equipment in each work zone

  • Delivery delays due to idle time waiting for critical production assets

  • Overbuying of tools and equipment due to loss and attrition

It solves these problems by providing: 

  • Real-time location of all tools and equipment across multiple sites

  • Instant audit of tools and equipment in any work zone

  • Integrating equipment attributes in order to instantly find the closest suitable resource

Business values:

  • Increased productivity from reductions in waiting and search time

  • Reduced order-to-delivery time through better coordination of production assets

  • Reduced capital expense through automated inventory audits

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