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Ubisense Smart Transit
Product overview

Ubisense Smart Transit is designed to provide a real-time view of your bus and rail yard operations from a single easy to use web based interface. By combining industry leading precise location technology with a real-time software solution, transit and rail companies can achieve reliable, system-wide location down to the individual parking space for all of their vehicles, both indoors and outdoors.


Key Features
• Real-time location of vehicles to parking space level accuracy
• Scheduling and Dispatching System automatically kept up to date with vehicle location at all times
• Interactive map provides virtual, real-time mark-up sheet and keeps track of assigned blocks
• Integration with GPS enhances coverage for areas outside of sensor range
• Drivers are directed to exact location eliminating search time
• Data entry fields for personnel to enter notes and reasons for delays
• Identifies the bus as it enters the area and directs the driver to the correct
parking space.
• Web access from any networked device
• Operates reliably under extreme environmental conditions


Smart Transit offers a wide range of benefits across the business

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Smart Transit

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