Precision real-time zone determination in industrial environments

AngleID offers real time tracking in zones
angleid sensor for zone tracking
Product overview

Ubisense AngleID is a next generation RFID solution that measures RF angles to detect tags entering and exiting user defined zones. Simple to set up, it can be deployed in under 10 minutes in industrial environments. Flexible configuration provides up to eight different zones which can provide precise real-time knowledge of tag location. 


Ubisense AngleID senses tags entering and exiting up to eight, precisely determined zones in real-time. 

  • Using ultra-wideband active tags, it determines the angle between the tag and the reader to maintain a track on the tag and report when it crosses user-defined thresholds 
  • Zone-based, real-time location - configure up to eight different zones per reader with a simple point-and-click interface
  • Accurately detect entry and exit of tagged assets from zones up to 150ft
  • Reliably track items in highly metallic environments
  • Choose tier OpenProtocol or .NET API as your communications interface, then integrate into your automation systems or MES
  • Set up in less than 10 minutes, simply mount the AngleID reader and plug into a Windows device. No training required.

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AngleID for precise zone monitoring


What our clients say

"Ubisense has been a great partner and we're very happy with the support that they’ve given us".

Aldric Pavec, Claas Production Manager, said: “As a leading tractor manufacturer throughout Europe, Claas offers an extremely wide choice of vehicle models in order to meet the needs of modern agriculture. By adding Ubisense technology to the facility at Le Mans, we will be able to best cope with product complexity while reducing waste.”

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