VP Planning and Design

The VP Planning & Design has significant challenges in meeting time-to-market demands. Initiatives like FTTx and N+0 are straining planning departments, increasing costs, and exposing slow processes. Planners and Designers need easy to access and accurate information in order to produce quality designs and target the areas of the network with the best return on investment.

VP Planning and Design Communications

The challenges for a VP Planning and Design working in Communications include ...

Improve expansion targeting 

Reduce cost

Improve design quality and consistency


Accelerate Time-to-Market

Improve expansion targeting  

Planners have a hard time quickly identifying the best possible places for expansion initiatives, like FTTx and N+0.

Planners need to be able to quickly identify the best places to expand to. This involves a complete understanding of the revenue and costs for the area.

For VPs of Planning & Design, the myWorld Platform and myWorld Fiber Planning gives the power to quickly and accurately target areas for expansion.

Reduce cost

Planners are subject to long processes and time wasting activities.

Planners and Designers take too long to identify and model, creating cost overruns.

For VPs of Planning and Design, myWorld Fiber Planning gives the power to produce designs and estimate costs in minutes.

Improve design quality and consistency

Designers do not have the right tools to consistently and quickly produce quality designs.

To get accurate revenue and costs, Designers have to gather information from multiple sources and spreadsheets and waste time on manual data aggregation tasks.

For VPs of Planning & Design, myWorld Fiber Planning gives Planners and Designers the tool they need to produce quality designs.

myWorld gives Planners one tool that fits all their needs.

Accelerate Time-to-Market

Top down initiatives, like FTTx and N+0, need to be completed fast to reduce costs and bring revenue forward.

Without the correct information, the Planning and Design process is slow and difficult to get correct.

For VPs of Planning & Design, myWorld Fiber Planning drastically reduces Time-to-Market, key to reducing costs and bringing revenue forward.

myWorld Fiber Planning can reduce the Fiber Planning process from days down to minutes.

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