Assembly and Production Control Manager

Assembly Production Control Managers Aerospace & Defense

The challenges for a Assembly and Production Control Manager working in Aerospace and Defence include ...

Avoid disrupting the docking schedule

Co-ordinating production flow

Avoid disruption caused by parts, kits and subassembly deliveries

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Dimension4 is used in many different industries
Precision Sensor Systems


The Dimension4 Location Platform is a comprehensive package including sensor firmware and server-based software components required to configure, coordinate and manage the Dimension4 RTLS. Scalability and real-time performance lie at the core of the Dimension4 architecture, allowing users to deploy sensor systems that scale from micro-installations (small control systems running on a single machine) through to large sites with several servers and thousands of sensors and tags, with continuous and predictable behaviour.


Dimension4 is used in many sectors including automotive, aerospace, transit, military training, research, sports and healthcare. 


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SmartSpace Compliance Monitor

SmartSpace brings multiple different assembly and MRO verification processes together in a reliable, digital build record for complex products and assemblies. With both real-time and digital-ledger capabilities integrated into one platform, operations teams can rely on SmartSpace to immediately identify non-conforming tool, equipment or parts use within their assembly process, while quality and compliance teams gain a digital build record that is unmatched in both detail and reliability.


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