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myWorld enterprise location intelligence platform and suite of products transforms the ability of infrastructure companies to manage their geographically dispersed assets. This enables customers to create a real-time digital twin of physical operations that can be securely shared by thousands of field and office staff, connecting seamlessly to other critical enterprise systems.

More than 30,000 professionals from some of the largest cable, telecoms, electric and gas providers in the world use myWorld every day to accelerate their business.

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Ubisense myWorld communications


Communications Service Providers are operating in highly competitive markets, with streaming video and other data hungry applications driving huge investments in multi-year, next-generation fiber network rollouts. Their challenge is to scale their processes to execute this transformation of their infrastructure in very aggressive timeframes in a cost effective manner, while maintaining service performance, reliability and customer satisfaction.


myWorld for electric utilities


Electric utilities are constantly challenged with delivering power reliably and safely to their customers, providing high quality customer service, and effectively managing assets. These challenges are made more difficult with an accelerating rate of change on the network related to transition to smart grid with roll-out of smart meters, and managing distributed generation, renewables and emerging electrification of transport.

myWorld for gas industry


Gas utilities deliver an essential service to their residential and commercial customers, and their challenge is to deliver that service safely, reliably and efficiently in a challenging regulatory environment. They need to effectively manage their asset lifecycle and work practices in order to demonstrate compliance and ensure safety of their workforce.

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