myWorld enterprise location intelligence platform transforms the ability of infrastructure companies to manage their geographically dispersed assets by providing a real-time digital twin of physical operations that can be securely shared by thousands of field and office staff, connecting seamlessly to other critical enterprise systems. 

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myWorld transforms the ability of infrastructure companies to manage their geographically dispersed assets by creating a single architecture for geospatial-based applications.

More than 30,000 professionals from some of the largest cable, telco, electric and gas providers in the world use myWorld every day to accelerate their business.

myWorld benefits different departments across infrastructure organisations

The myWorld user experience is inspired by the simplicity and speed of Google Maps, and applies these principles to enterprise data and processes. myWorld is designed from the ground up to leverage Street View and the sensors on mobile devices like the GPS and camera to maximize productivity and quality.

The myWorld enterprise integration framework securely connects all staff and contractors to simple task and role-specific views of your critical enterprise systems and real-time data feeds from the millions of smart iOT devices on your infrastructure network.

Proven enterprise scale data sync and app updates to thousands of mobile devices means your field personnel and contractors can run myWorld on any iOS, Android or Windows device, and they can continue to be productive when offline. Some of the largest mobile deployments in the world run on myWorld.

The myWorld application builder makes it easy to set up and deploy simple new business process specific applications, and the developer framework and APIs give developers everything they need to build more complex, upgradable applications.

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What our clients say

Kris Boccio, VP Systems Development & GIS at Zayo, said: “The advantages of putting powerful but easy to use Inventory Maps into the hands of the right staff are tremendous. But this means that we have to simplify the app and user experience in order to avoid the complexities associated with traditional GIS solutions that have prevented progress in this area. The key consumers of the new (myWorld) Inventory Map would be network and field operations teams who require instant access to critical network and customer information, 24x7, enabling them to respond to issues quickly and effectively. A future phase will be to make the inventory map available to Zayo’s customers as an embedded part of the company’s Tranzact platform.” 

Nelson Gillette, Director IS at TELUS said: “We’ve been very impressed with Ubisense, the team has worked very quickly and been able to cater for our specific business and technical requirements. myWorld is intuitive to use and provides a detailed view of our above and below ground network, layered on top of optional base maps including Google Maps, Google Satellite and Google Street View."

Stacey Kilroy, Integrity Management and Pipeline Safety Coordinator at Unitil, said: “The team at Ubisense has been receptive to new product ideas and delivering a product that supports the specific needs of the gas utility industry. We are committed to the communities we serve and developing practices and technologies that lead to more reliable, efficient energy, a promise which we are confident that Ubisense will help us to deliver. I look forward to our continued partnership.”

"Ubisense has been a great partner and we're very happy with the support that they’ve given us".

Russ Atkins, senior vice president of engineering at Northern Indiana Public Service Company (NIPSCO), a subsidiary of NiSource Inc., said: “Our customers depend on a reliable source of electricity, and we have to be prepared for outages caused by storms or other emergency scenarios. myWorld Damage Assessment helps to empower our employees in the office and the field to better communicate and share information in near real-time. With this technology we will have increased visibility about damaged areas and infrastructure to make swift, informed decisions that will help streamline the restoration processes.” 

"We conducted a survey about six months after the launch of myWorld and this was absolutely head and shoulders above anything else we had ever surveyed our customers on as far as their satisfaction of what we had delivered to them… making their jobs easier, better, making them more productive, allowing them to take care of their customers".

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