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TennisSense is a collaborative project between the SFI-funded CLARITY centre and Tennis Ireland. The aim of the research is to create the infrastructure required to digitally capture the physical, tactical and physiological data from tennis players. The extracted metadata provides valuable results providing information which is used by coaches and tennis players to assist in their coaching and to improve future performances.
The experiment is conducted in a tennis court with 9 AXIS PTZ Cameras and the Ubisense tag tracking system. Ubisense is used to track the tennis ball in Real-Time for ball candidate detection into locally linear tracks and allows players to be 2D or 3D tracked.

ResearchThis experiment is concerned with the automatic extraction of semantic information in order to facilitate efficient browsing and analysis by tennis coaches. The TennisSense technology platform which aims to provide coaches with technology solutions that allow them to more effectively develop the next generation of elite athletes.

The TennisSense technology platform is an indoor tennis court that has been instrumented with data gathering technologies; Ubisense and IP Cameras. The cameras are placed around the court with tilt, zoom and pan capability.

The Ubisense software application has a user interface for viewing and querying a tennis match. It allows the user to view the game from any of the nine cameras. Videos can also be viewed in slow motion and particular information, such as: find me all rallies lasting over 8 shots.

ConclusionThe TennisSense experiment has resulted in metadata which is used in playback-and-query interface by tennis coaches and athletes providing powerful browsing and query tools to review hours of tennis footage.

Benefits of the System

  • Review performance from multiple angles from 9 configurable camera views
  • Overhead view of both players simultaneously
  • Visual feedback for players
  • See technical and tactical choices
  • Tracked in Real-Time to analyse players positions
  • Positions breakdown by point/game
  • Playback interference—quickly view whole game
  • Pause action and switch reviews
  • Review play from a new perspective

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