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Natural Gas Utility, UGI, Relies on UbisenseUGI needed an online survey tracking system with geospatial mapping capabilities that would not only detect natural gas leaks but also track the progress of the leak surveyors.Read More »Assisted LivingWith the use of Ubisense tags and sensors and other embedded devices such as actuators and Bluetooth-enabled medical devices, elder people can be more self sufficient and independent.Read More »Domestic Energy UseThe University of Nottingham and E.ON are carrying out research using Ubisense technology to monitor occupants domestic energy use and behaviour and up with useful results.Read More »Augmented RealityThe institute for Computer Graphics at Graz University of Technology is focusing its research on Augmented Reality (AR) in which computer-generated graphics and sounds can be added to a real-world environment.Read More »
Emergency Navigation SystemDarmstadt University of Technology is conducting research to improve the safety of public buildings. The aim of the research is to develop a solution for response and recovery to support rescuers.Read More »Intelligent Elderly CareThe Elderly Care system uses Ubisense, Smart technology, Accelerometers and Gyroscopes and is based on intelligent interpretation of movement patterns.Read More »Life Science AutomationThe domain of Life Science Automation consist of highly specialised solutions. The capability to provide location based services in industrial automation environments results in high-quality information delivery.Read More »Improving Athlete PerformanceTennisSense is a project between the SFI-funded CLARITY centre and Tennis Ireland. The aim of the research is to create the infrastructure required to digitally capture the physical, tactical and physiological data from tennis players.Read More »
Virtual Audio SpacesAudio guides are a common way to provide museum visitors with an opportunity for personalised, self-paced information retrieval. The goal was to create an interactive audio experience located in the city hall of Aachen, Germany.Read More »Autonomous NavigationThe University of Salzburg has developed and built a test platform with an ultra lightweight micro-air-vehicle (MAV) that is controlled by a personal computer. Ubisense is used to track the position and orientation of the MAV in 3D.Read More »Fraunhofer Centre for Applied Logistics and Information SystemsFraunhofer ALI used Ubisense technology to develop the concept of an intelligent fork-lift to be used by Ortrander iron foundry in Germany.Read More »Art's Impact on PeopleThe institute for Art and Design and the University of Applied Science Northern Switzerland spent five weeks observing the reactions of visitors to a special exhibit at the Kunstmuseum St. Gallen.Read More »
Order Monitoring in the Dispatch AreaHERMA GmbH has introduced Ubisense Smart Factory System integrated with SAP to monitor the order flow in real-time.Read More »BMW Finds the Right ToolUntil the introduction of the Ubisense system, the vehicles arriving at a station on the line were identified by the worker using a barcode scanner to scan a paper label fixed to the car.Read More »UWB to Help Sales Staff Fish for LeadsFish Software is adopting an ultrawide-band real-time location system to help its clients identify attendees at trade shows and other events.Read More »Ortrander Ironworks Rolls Out Real-Time Location SystemThe German foundry is deploying a combination of active and passive RFID technology so it can track the location and movement of forklifts and containers.Read More »
U.S. Army Uses UWB to Track TraineesThe U.S. Army is using ultra-wideband RFID sensors to help track the movements of soldiers during combat training maneuvers.Read More »Posco Steel Mill improves safety, energy conservationThe South Korean company has deployed an RFID-based system from Ubisense and IBM that tracks the locations of personnel, thus enabling managers to reduce the potential for accidents, as well as automatically control lighting.Read More »Bursped Speditions GmbHFollowing 18 months of reorganisation, in November 2007 logistics services provider Bursped Speditions GmbH & Co., based in Hamburg- Moorfleet, began operating its fully refurbished warehouse.Read More »Managing Semiconductor Wafer ProductionSemiconductor Manufacturers offering a broad and complex spectrum of products face the challenge to implement a flexible and transparent production process including dedicated production logistics.Read More »

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