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Ubisense launches Intrinsically Safe location tracking tags for personnel safety in the Oil and Gas industry.

Cambridge, UK, May 13th 2010 - Ubisense, the global leader in precise Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS), announces that its Intrinsically Safe (IS) Tag has been awarded ATEX and UL913 (HAZLOC) certification for use within potentially explosive environments, and is immediately available as part of Ubisense's Plant Access Manager personnel safety solution.

Ubisense has developed small, rugged devices designed for tracking personnel and objects in hazardous industrial environments, such as mines or petrochemical refineries, where the atmosphere can be potentially explosive. Devices used within these volatile areas must be certified to show that their components cannot produce or hold enough energy to create dangerous sparks. Extensive testing has demonstrated that the Ubisense IS Tag meets the UL913 (HAZLOC) and ATEX intrinsic safety requirements applicable, respectively, to the US and European Union.

Using the new IS Tag, the Ubisense Plant Access Manager RTLS safety solution can locate personnel and equipment to an accuracy of up to 15cm in 3D. This level of performance enables accurate location of personnel in emergency situations, ensuring employee safety during evacuation and pinpointing individuals who may be trapped or in need of assistance.

S3 ID, the world leader in oil and gas personnel location, provides mustering, tracking and hazard preparedness solutions for their customers such as bp, Shell and Statoil. “S3 ID views the Ubisense RTLS as a key part of personnel mustering systems in challenging environments,” said S3 ID CEO, Derek Gennard. “We have been successfully testing this product for the past two years within our systems, in a variety of applications, and will be using it in a number of solutions for well-known petrochemical organisations.”

“We are delighted that the Ubisense equipment has achieved such a high level of certification,” commented Andy Ward, Ubisense Chief Technology Officer. “We already have a number of large contracts with petrochemical and mining customers for this product, and we look forward to deploying these mission-critical employee safety solutions.”

Released: 13 May 2010

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