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The Rescue Engineering Institute of FH Cologne has selected Ubisense for their Location Driven Training program

The Rescue Engineering Institute of FH Cologne has selected Ubisense for their Location Driven Training program

Cambridge, UK - Ubisense Plc, a market leader in location solutions technology, announces that its real-time location solution has been selected by The Rescue Engineering Institute of FH Cologne for their Location Driven Training (LDT) program. The goal is to use LDT as a measurement and analysis tool for huge emergency preparedness and response training with up to 100 participants.

The program trains executives in Engineering Rescue for emergency services. Rescue services include emergency rescue, ambulance services, technical security, disaster management, and related areas of management. Risk control and safety systems are important elements in the field of rescue services and tracking participants is an active application activity.

Furthermore, it is planned to integrate LDT in the laboratory for major loss events and existing research projects. Both the laboratory and research projects such as evalMANV are engaged in the research and improvement of organisational structures in major incidents. The intention is to record location data during mass casualty exercises to expand current researches in the field of disasters with location based information.

At the same time, real-time location tracking of casualties and emergency personnel can provide the evaluation with exact three-dimensional position determination and event detection, enabling precise documentation of the development of mass casualty exercises. It allows a time-based observation and evaluation of different processes and procedures during an exercise.

Mr. Weiss, (research assistant at Cologne University of Applied Sciences) said, “We chose the Ubisense location solution because of its proven ability to locate individuals precisely in real-time which from our point of view is a key requirement for rescue engineering training and evaluation.”

Richard Green, CEO for Ubisense, said: “Our world beating location solutions are well known for the benefits that they can bring to manufacturing. As technology such as ours begins to enable such accurate real time location measurement, more industries, such as rescue services, are starting to see how we can help them improve.”


Released: 14 August 2012

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